Consulting Rooms To Rent Harley Street

Attractive Spacious Consulting Rooms Available To Rent on Harley Street

Would you like to practice on Harley Street, the most prestigious medical address in the country, but have found the expense and commitment involved in taking a lease on your own Harley Street consultation room prohibitive.  Then, think again. 

The answer is to use our Harley Street consulting rooms to rent on a sessional basis.

If you're just starting your business or see a small number of clients a month in Central London, then why not join the Westlake Clinic.  We offer a cost effective alternative to renting your own Harley Street office space.  Download our brochure.

How does it work?
You choose the session/sessions to suit your needs and then use the consulting room for the same time slot on the same day every week.

Each session is 4 hours in length and the costs are very reasonable at only £55 per week inclusive. Your initial commitment is only two months and thereafter, your agreement is based on a month by month basis. Download the Harley Street Offices to Rent Brochure for more information.

Harley Street - Centre of medical excellence
If you're a medical practitioner, consultant, complementary or alternative health practitioner or from another profession who wishes to see clients in Central London, then Harley Street is surely the ultimate address.  Harley Street has a worldwide reputation for a centre of medical excellence, where the best specialists practice.

Not based in London?
Even if you're not based in London, the benefit of practicing in Harley Street consulting rooms should not be underestimated.  Many of our therapists have seen an increase in business at their existing practice, due to the 'Harley Street effect'.

Suitable for a range of therapies
The Harley Street offices to rent are ideal for a range of therapies, including hypnotherapy, counselling, homeopathy, nutritionist, psychotherapy, complementary therapies, psychiatry, life coaching, doctor's consulting room, bodywork, massage, etc.

Official Harley Street Guide
Unlike other consulting rooms that are available, The Westlake Clinic is advertised on the official Harley Street Guide.  A guide to all the medical and complementary healthcare practitioners on Harley Street.

Central location
The rooms are very centrally located in London on Harley Street, in the most prestigious medical district in the UK. Just a few minutes walk for your clients from Oxford Street.

The Harley Street Consulting Rooms Therapist Website
In addition to renting the Harley Street Consulting rooms, all practitioners and therapists have their own profile page on the Westlake Clinic website at no extra charge.

Consulting Room Hire Harley Street London

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